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February 7, 2009

Heavy Flooding in Northeastern Australia

Heavy Flooding in Northeastern Australia


ZHANG: In Australia, residents in northeastern Queensland continue cleaning up today after devastating floods. Heavy rain since Monday has seen many towns virtually submerged and thousands of homes have been declared flood affected.

Although rain subsided on Wednesday the fourth after tropical cyclone Ellie passed through, the water level remained high in low-lying towns in northeast Australia, with many towns virtually underwater.

62 percent of the more than one million square kilometers of Queensland is still a declared disaster zone.

Thousands of homes have been declared flood-affected and the damage bill is around $70 million U.S. dollars.

In Ingham, one of the worst hit towns, residents are pitching in to help each other clean up after the deluge.

One local resident who was glad a group of men had given up their beer to help her clean up the damage in her home.

[Local Resident]:
“Everybody pitches in and helps and they were on the way to the pub.”

[Local Resident]:
“You always chuck your hand in there, it doesn’t hurt.”

Queensland premier Anna Bligh toured Ingham today and says many transport routes were still cut off from the rain, leaving residents relying on boats to get around.

[Anna Bligh, Queensland Premier]:
“Currently the road is still cut, the rail is cut, and it’s likely to be several days before we can get full transport links reopened but we do have a monsoonal trough sitting off the coast and no-one is out of the woods yet we might see a lot more rain before this is over.”

The flooding started last December, and has continued, being fed by a series of rain depressions and a cyclone. A low depression off the coast is currently threatening to form into a cyclone, bringing even more rain.

News Source :: February 07, 2009

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